JEDWARD Submitted Songs for Ireland 2021 & Volunteer to be Standby Acts for All Countries

| January 3, 2021

Jedward took to Twitter on New Year’s Day to share some interesting updates.  The pair, who recently opened up about their mental health struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic, revealed that they had submitted potential Eurovision songs to Irish broadcaster RTÉ.

This is despite the fact that RTÉ did not open a song application process for Eurovision 2021 and last month revealed that Lesley Roy, who was internally selected in 2020, would represent Ireland in 2021.

In a follow up tweet, the Irish duo also made a commitment to be available to all countries as a standby act.  However, there is no provision for standby acts in the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest in the contingency planning for Eurovision 2021 that has been made public to date.

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