It’s fun and it’s fabulous! Gustaph shines bright in his first rehearsal!

May 1, 2023



Gustaph has arrived for his first rehearsal, and it's all Because of You!

As Gustaph once said, “well, life is too short and we sure got to celebrate”, and that is exactly what he and his team have done on the Eurovsion stage today!

@eurovision The party gets started in Liverpool and it’s all because of YOU Gustaph 🤩🇧🇪 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Gustaph ♬ original sound - Eurovision

Belgium are quite possibly providing us with one of the most fabulous performances of Eurovision 2023! Gustaph and his dancer are dressed in white and pink, whilst his three backing vocalists are all dressed in black.

The main colour scheme on for this performance is black and white, with lots of black and white text, and images, appearing on the back drop throughout the performance. Gustaph starts off standing on a very tall looking platform, before coming down the stairs to join the rest of his team.

We see Gustaph and his dancer providing us with some seriously impressive moves, as his backing vocalists provide top notch vocals, all of which blend very well together to create something which is very uplifting and fun.

Stay tuned for the last first rehearsal of today, coming from Andrew Lambrou for Cyprus.

What is your initial reaction to Gustaph’s first rehearsal? Do you think Belgium has what it takes to qualify to the final this year? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

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