”It was an amazing feeling”: Andy chats with Albania’s Anxhela in Rotterdam

May 13, 2021


The Eurovision Semi Finals are approaching quickly and in exactly one week we will see Anxhela Peristeri on stage, representing Albania with her song ”Karma”. Andy caught up with Anxhela to talk about her performance and the staging concept.

After an introduction, Andy mentioned the positive reactions in the press center after Anxhela’s first rehearsal and asked how involved she has been in the look of the staging:

Anxhela: ”Very much, we have worked a lot of time with Sasha to do this performance great and I think we are very good with the performance.”

Andy: ”How did you get ready for stepping out on the stage for the first time today?”

Anxhela: ”That was a wonderful stage and I’m so excited that I will go again on the stage and sing for my second rehearsal and then for the Semi Finals, it was an amazing feeling, I loved it.”

Anxhela also explained why she will be alone on stage and not with dancers like in the Albanian National Final Festivali i Këngës:

”When we started working with Sasha, Sasha decided that I must be alone on the stage because I have to show that I’m a powerful woman and the song is very powerful so the concentration is better to be on me.”

Andy also mentioned her ”gorgeous dress” and wanted to know more about it.

Anxhela: The dress is designed by Kujta and Mary, very good Albanian designers – the best- and we thought about this dress because we wanted to be something more modern and a modern woman with powerful shoulders and we wanted to show this power on stage, so we decided to do this dress.”

During the interview, Anxhela revealed that she used to speak Spanish very well a few years ago and still feels comfortable to sing in this language. Furthermore, she taught Andy a few Albanian words that appear in the chorus of her song ”Karma”.

You can watch the full interview here:

Photos used in the article are courtesy of EBU/ Thomas Hanses

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