Is Greece headed towards a national final for Eurovision 2023?

November 28, 2022


It has been reported that Greece could be returning to a national final for Eurovision 2023.

OGAE Greece have reported that Greece could be using some kind of national final to select their representative for Eurovision 2023. However, at this stage, nothing has been confirmed nor denied by the Greek broadcaster.

Since 2017, Greece’s Eurovision representatives have been selected internally, and since 2018, their songs have also been selected internally. But could that all be about to change?

Organising a national final would not be without its challenges though, as mentioned in an article with To Paron, where it’s said that a national final could be a financial burden to the broadcaster, and additional funding would be needed in order to make it work successfully.

The Greek broadcaster however seems keen to involve the public and fans in their Eurovision decisions in some way, as Head of Radio 2 for ERT, Maria Kozakou, mentions in an interview with ANT1: “Little by little it [public voting] has to enter the process … the five or the ten best songs should be evaluated by people.”

Would you like to see Greece return to a national final for Eurovision? Or do you think they should stick with internal selections? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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