Ireland — Format Changes and Fast Tracked Acts for Eurosong 2023!

December 7, 2022


New details about Ireland's Eurosong national selection revealed on the Éirevision podcast!

Here are the take home points from this in-depth interview with the Irish Head of Delegation.

  • Over 300 entries were received for Eurovision for Ireland
  • About 70% were ineligible or of inadequate quality
  • Approx 60 songs have been shortlisted and are currently being whittled down to a list of 6 that will perform in the Eurosong show, provisionally set for February 3rd
  • In parallel, RTÉ have been in discussions with established acts to offer them a fast-tracked admission to the Eurosong selection
  • In a change this year, the studio panel will no longer vote as a jury; a separate jury will vote as a national jury which will be combined with a public vote and an international jury
  • A studio panel will still take part but it is planned that they will be encourage to speak frankly about the merits or otherwise of the songs
  • A stand-alone national final is still on the agenda in RTÉ, but limited resources at the broadcaster have been prohibitive to date

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