INÊS APENAS and Alex D’Alva team up for Re-edit of “Fim do Mundo”

July 19, 2023


INÊS APENAS has released a new version of "Fim do Mundo" with Alex D'Alva.

Independent singer-songwriter and pianist, INÊS APENAS has just released a new version of her Festival da Canção 2023 entry “Fim do Mundo” alongside Alex D’Alva.

“It was impossible for me to feel indifferent to this Re-Edit by Alex D’Alva, which blends reggaeton rhythms with the original aesthetics of the song. I was addicted since the first listen and it’s really beautiful to see someone like Alex D’Alva that I admire so much as an artist do this on a song that I wrote.”

This first idea for a collaboration between INÊS and Alex began spontaneously five months ago, at the semi finals of Festival da Canção 2023, as Alex explains:

“At Festival da Canção semifinal’s backstage, I went to congratulate INÊS APENAS and her team for the brilliant work they did and she told me that she had a demo for a ‘brega funk’ version of ‘Fim do Mundo’, which made me curious and put a smile on my face. 

Later on, I was challenged by Sara Soares (Cest Fantastique) from O Baile Todo to use this demo on our DJ Set at Festival A Porta, in Leiria. I got inspired by the Digital Destiny’s parties where we can dance to the Re-Edits by DJ and producer Von Di and chose to move ‘Fim do Mundo’ to the Reggaeton and Global Bass universe.

This new version preserves the ethereal elements of the original song but takes them to other territories that challenge the standards of presence and abstence of class in music we hear everyday. After experiencing the amazing energy of this Re-Edit at Festival A Porta’s dance floor, we agreed that we had to release this version to the world.”

Who are INÊS and Alex?

INÊS APENAS is a singer-songwriter and pianist, born in Paris. When she was three years old, she moved to Portugal and soon after, began studying music at Orfeão de Leiria, as well as classic Piano at ESMAE in Oporto.

Her first song released as INÊS APENAS was “Tu Fazes Tão” in July 2021, followed by her debut EP “um dia destes” in 2022. This EP has since amassed over 100k streams on digital streaming platforms. September 2022 saw the release of “Batata Frita“, a collaboration with AVALANCHENED FLANGER and Tom Maciel, which became a big radio hit in Portugal.

Alex D’Alva Teixeira was born in 1990 in Angola, with Brazillian roots, and raised in Lisbon, Portugal since he was one years old, and has a band, D’Alva. Alex has previously composed Ana Cláudia’s Festival da Canção 2019 entry “Inércia”.

The re-edit of “Fim do Mundo” is available on Spotify, TIDAL, deezer and YouTube. Have you heard it yet? What are your thoughts in this re-edit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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