Go_A have chosen their 2021 entry and will release it in February

January 12, 2021


Ukrainian representatives for Eurovision 2020 and 2021, Go_A, have revealed that they have already chosen their song for this years contest and that they will release it in February.

Speaking to ICTV, a Ukrainian television channel, lead singer Kateryna has said of the song: “We had several options, but we settled on the best story, in our opinion. I will not tell what it is about, we will wait for the release. I will only say one thing: the song is based on folklore of a certain region. It seems to me that we managed to to touch on a topic that that will be interesting for listeners.”

When asked about when we can expect to hear the song, Kateryna went on to explain: “We are not in a hurry, because we will still finalize the mastering and construction. That is, the song is ready, but some points still need to be finalised.”

At the moment, it is unsure how Go_A’s song will be revealed, and whether there will be a television show to reveal the entry or not. Go_A were the winners of Ukrainian national final Vidbir in 2020 with their song “Solovey”, which they unable to perform at Eurovision due to the cancellation of the contest. Soon after, they were confirmed as the Ukrainian representatives for 2021.

Are you excited to hear Go_A’s song for Eurovision 2021? Do you think it will be similar to Solovey, or something totally different? Let us know in the comments below!

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