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Glitter and Gold! It’s all sparkles for Wild Youth as they shine in first rehearsal!

April 30, 2023


It's sparkles all round for Ireland's Eurovision 2023 performance!

Germany may be bringing the Blood and Glitter, but Ireland are bringing the gold and glitter as they shine on stage for their first rehearsal.

@eurovision Wild Youth’s first run through was as good as gold ✨🇮🇪 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Wild Youth ♬ original sound - Eurovision

Wild Youth’s Eurovision performance of “We Are One” sees an elevated staging compared to what we saw in the national final, with the addition of props and pyro.

The band members are dressed in all gold and black, with a sea of golden orange and blue lighting surrounding them on stage.

For their Eurovision performance, they have added a circular staircase at the back of the stage, which we can see lead singer Connor taking full advantage of.

At various points throughout their performance, we can see the addition of pyro, the first pyro we have seen thus far.

Stay tuned for more first rehearsals coming up from Croatia, Switzerland, Moldova and Sweden.

What are your first impressions of Ireland’s rehearsal footage? What are your thoughts on the addition of pyro to their performance? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

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