Germany starts the search for their Eurovision 2022 entry

March 20, 2021


Although Eurovision 2021 week is in two months time, on the 19th of March, NDR (North German Broadcaster) announced that they have started the search for acts that would like to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, and for the 100 people who will rank them. Thanks to their reviews, the song will be chosen.

If you want to be a member of the jury panel, you have to be a resident of Germany. During the recruitment process, you will be asked to rank and write an opinion about some of this year’s Eurovision’s entries, so the broadcaster will be able to get to know your music taste. You can apply here.

The selection might be similar to the one which was held this year. The jurors were able to see both the vocal and the stage skills of the participants, who could have brought to the stage some props, dancers or backing singers. This year, the jury panel liked Jendrik with the song “I Don’t Feel Hate” the most.

Are you a fan of Germany in Eurovision? What genre would you like to hear from this country in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!


Image Source: Kulturzentrum BiM

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