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Fun and fabulous: Mimicat and her dancers deliver spectacular first rehearsal!

April 30, 2023


Ai Coração! Mimicat shines bright for her first rehearsal!

Red, red, and more red! That’s right, red is the go-to colour this year for Portugal as Mimicat (and her dancers) are dressed all in red, with Mimicat’s dress being made entirely out of feathers!

@eurovision Bringing the CLASS and SASS 💃 ♥️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Mimicat ♬ original sound - Eurovision

They may have done away with the sofa, but that doesn’t mean that Portugal’s performance isn’t anything short of fabulous!

Shades of red and yellow lighting engulf the stage as Mimicat and her four backing dancers deliver a very high energy cabaret-esque performance, that we’re sure will get the audience up on their feet!

Mimicat appears every bit confident on stage as she delivers a solid vocal performance.

Stay tuned for more first rehearsals coming up from Ireland, Croatia, Switzerland, Moldova and Sweden.

What are your first thoughts on Portugal’s first rehearsal? Are you a cabaret fan? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

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