Flo Rida wants to collaborate with The Black Mamba

May 29, 2021



After reaching 12th place in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, international doors continue to open for The Black Mamba, the group that represented Portugal in Rotterdam. Speaking to TV7 Dias magazine, Pedro Tatanka, lead singer of the group and composer of “Love Is on My Side”, revealed that they were contacted by an international artist for a future collaboration.S

According to the Portuguese singer, the group’s performance at the international event won over Flo Rida, a well-known American rapper who represented San Marino in the contest alongside Senhit. “He was surrendered to our talent and wants to work with us” revealed Tatanka, adding the rapper has “already sent me a message to Instagram in case I lost his number. Doors have opened up abroad. It is important for us to reach this level of popularity and recognition “.

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