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Eurovision 2023: a BBC interview with Mae Muller from the United Kingdom

May 8, 2023


The United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2023 representative, Mae Muller, has spoken with the BBC about her upcoming participation in the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Liverpool.

How are you feeling about representing the U.K for Eurovision 2023?

“I feel like it’s such a huge honour to be able to represent my own country where I have lived all my life. The fact that we’re hosting this year just feels extra, extra special.”

Tell us about your song ‘I Wrote a Song’, and what it means to you?

“All my music kind of derives from my personal experiences, but I just wanted to write something empowering that would get everyone up off their seats. I think when we go through negative things like a breakup, or any kind of heartache, it’s really easy to focus on the negatives and get lost in that, but I wanted to focus on the empowerment of that and how we can navigate those emotions to come out the other side, feeling confident.”

What can we expect from your performance?

“You can expect some sass! It’s going to be fun and a big party.”

Have you ever been to Liverpool?

“I have been to Liverpool a few times. I was actually there when I supported Little Mix on tour, and we did like three shows at the arena. So I’m definitely looking forward to going back.”

What is your first memory of Eurovision?

“I think my earliest memory was probably Scooch in 2007. I just loved how fun and how camp it was, I just had fun while watching and I think that’s what Eurovision is about.”

Do you have any rituals before performing? Will you be taking any good luck charms with you to Liverpool?

“I always have to have a tea, any kind of herbal tea with a lot of honey in it, and I have it out of my Harry Styles mug which just gives me the good vibes. I know, if Harry’s with me, then I know it’s going be OK.”

Have you had a listen to the competition?

“I have had a listen and it’s been great really getting into the songs from this year, after getting to know the other contestants. They’re all such talented people and so lovely and it feels like a special year, because the level of talent is crazy and I’m looking forward to seeing them all smash it on the 13th May.”

What is your favourite Eurovision song of all time?

“I know that it’s such a boring answer because it’s probably so many other people’s and she’s like the queen of Eurovision, this year especially. But it’s got to be Euphoria by Loreen, I just feel like that song does something to my soul, and I feel like it really stands the test of time.”

Who is Mae Muller?

Holly Mae Muller is a 25 year old singer songwriter from London, United Kingdom. She released her first two EPs in 2018, ahead of her debut album in 2019.

Prior to this, whilst attending the Fine Arts College in Belsize Park, London, she appeared in the music video for “Grace Kelly” by Eurovision 2022 co-host, Mika.

She received mainstream recognition in 2021, with the release of “Better Days”, a collaboration with Swedish music collective Neiked and American rapper Polo G. The song peaked in the top 40 in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Earlier this year, Mae was internally selected by TaP Music and the BBC to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool with her self penned track “I Wrote A Song”. She will perform in 26th place in the grand final on Saturday 13th May.

Are you a fan of Mae Muller’s “I Wrote A Song”? Do you have the same favourite Eurovision song as Mae? Let us know in the comments below!

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