Eurovision 2022: Live-On-Tapes to be released starting tomorrow

June 13, 2022


Still suffering with Post Eurovision Depression? How about seeing every Eurovision 2022 song's live-on-tape to help cure it! have announced they will start releasing the live-on-tapes for each Eurovision 2022 entry on the official Eurovision Youtube channel.  

The first one to be released will be Albania which will premiere tomorrow at 4pm CET. Latvia will follow at 4:30pm CET and Lithuania will be at 5pm CET. 

Like last year, every delegation had to submit a live-on-tape performance of their entry to the EBU. These were to be used in case the acts couldn’t perform live on stage in Turin. Australia’s entry last year Montaigne had to use her live-on-tape performance for her song “Technicolour” as she was unable to travel to Rotterdam due to COVID travel restrictions. Thankfully, such an event didn’t happen this year. 

In 2021, Eurovision released every live-on-tape performance (expect Ireland and United Kingdom) as part of a 2 day event on Youtube called Eurovision Song Celebration.

Which performance are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below!

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