Eurovision 2021 day 5: semi final 1 second rehearsals continue (part 2)

May 12, 2021

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Rotterdam


As we approach day 5 of Eurovision 2021, we go in to the first semi finalists second rehearsals. So join us as we take a look at the last eight rehearsals of today. This article will be updated throughout the day, so be sure to keep checking back.

Norway: Tix "Fallen Angel"

Tix has provided us with a very confident second rehearsal. He appears more comfortable on stage, and we can definetley hear an improvement in his vocals. The whole performance looks very polished and sleek. The choreography is very appealing to watch, and the visuals/colours on stage bring a brightness that is otherwise not seen in Tix and his dancers black and white outfits.

Croatia: Albina "Tik Tok"

Albina and her dancers delivered a very powerful performance for their second rehearsal. Albina appeared more confident on stage, and we could hear a definite improvement in vocals and overall stage presence. The whole performance gives off a very 80s inspired futuristic performance, complete with lots of pink and purple! Visually, this makes for something very engaging, and we’re sure the audience at home will be just as engaged as we were! 

Belgium: Hooverphonic "The Wrong Place"

Hooverphonic have impressed us all once again for the second rehearsal. The overall performance is very similar to what we saw in the first rehearsal, although this time around, we can see some minor changes have been made to the camerawork. For todays performance, we can see more wide shots including all of the members on stage, and fewer up close shots of Geike. Nevertheless, the performance was still very good, giving off the same moody and edgy vibes as before, complete with Geike’s iconic facial expressions.

Israel: Eden Alene "Set Me Free"

Eden and her dancers gave a very polished performance on stage today, with very minor changes being made from the first rehearsal. For todays performance, we see Eden wearing her braided crown throughout the whole performance, as opposed to just at the end. We also see some slight changes to the camera angles, resulting in Eden’s costume change being hidden essentially, only for the camera to pan back onto Eden, sporting a new look. The overall performance today was strong, flowed nicely and looks great on stage.

Romania: Roxen "Amnesia"

Roxen has shown great improvement with her second rehearsal. The staging and lighting is largely similar to what we saw in her first rehearsal, but this time round, we can see that Roxen has toned her choreography and movement on stage, allowing her to focus more on her vocals. Roxen appeared nervous on stage, and her vocals were a little shaky at times, but we’re sure this is nothing that can’t be ironed out.

Azerbaijan: Efendi "Mata Hari"

For Azerbaijan’s second rehearsal, we can see minor changes when compared to their first rehearsal. Efendi, whilst wearing the same outfit as in her first rehearsal, has had some minor changes made to it. The camerawork appears to have been changed a little bit, with more up close shots, making the stage look fuller. Towards the beginning of the song, we can see a colourful array of pink, green and gold colours filling the stage, which suit the performance very well.

Ukraine: Go_A "Shum"

For their second rehearsal, Kateryna was unable to join the rest of her bandmates on stage due to illness. There was a stand-in performer in her place, who, with the help of backing vocals, did the song justice and impressed everyone with her amazing vocals. The staging is exactly the same as it was in their first rehearsal, which in itself, was rather incredible, so it’s no surprise that everything has remained the same. The performance still has the same energy as power as it always has done, and Kateryna or no Kateryna, the look and sound of the song on stage is definetley one to watch out for!

And that’s a wrap on the first day of second rehearsals! Which country impressed you the most today? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to join us tomorrow as we continue with second rehearsals, as well as seeing the Big 5 + The Netherlands rehearsals for the first time!

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