Eurovision 2021 day 2: Israel first rehearsal: Eden Alene “Set Me Free”

May 9, 2021



Eden Alene has been set free and is ready for her first rehearsal in the Ahoy Arena. Dressed in white and black sparkles, Eden is joined on stage by five backing dancers, all in keeping with the colour scheme. As for the backdrop… one word: neon! Eden and her dancers stand out on stage amidst a colourful array of pink and purple neon lights.

The choreography is very slick and well put together. Eden and her dancers interact very well on stage and have great chemistry. Throughout their rehearsals, we can see that they all have great stage presence and are exuding confidence up on that stage. Despite all the demanding choreography, Eden still manages to maintain a solid vocal throughout the song, and she even attempted some of her whistle notes too!

Eden makes great use of the main stage and the satellite stage, as she moves around with confidence and ease. The end of the song sees Eden back on the main stage, surrounded by her dancers, to reveal a brand new costume. Off comes the white and black dress, and out comes a black sparkly leotard-type outfit.

How did you find Eden Alene’s performance on stage? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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