Here are the current bookies favourites to win Eurovision 2021 pre-rehearsal!

May 7, 2021


What are the bookies saying about who is going to win?

We have waited two years and we have finally made it! But what are the bookies saying? With rehearsals for Eurovision 2021 starting tomorrow and a new winner being among us, it would be a good idea to see what the bookmakers are predicting about who is going to win this years contest! Here are the top 10 bookies favourites to win the competition, with the odds and order taken from Eurovision World on the 7th May 2021:

#10 Norway (2% chance)

TIX from Norway is 10th with the bookies with Fallen Angel. The odds have put him with 3% chance of winning with some bookmakers putting his odds as short as 25/1, whereas some putting his odds a bit further at around 35/1.

#9 Cyprus (3% chance)

Elena Tsagrinou from Cyprus is currently 9th in the odds with her song El Diablo. The bookies have given her a 3% chance of winning with her odds standing as short as 22/1 and as high as 27/1.

#8 Sweden (3% chance)

Sweden’s Tusse with Voices is currently 8th in the odds and also been predicted a 3% chance of winning. His lowest odds are at 12/1 and his highest at 39/1.

#7 Lithuania (4% chance)

Is the Roop still on fire? The band currently stands at 7th with their song Discoteque and have been given a 4% chance of winning. Their odds currently range from as low as 15/1 to as high as 31/1.

#6 Bulgaria (5% Chance)

Last year’s bookies favourite, Bulgaria’s Victoria, has been given a 5% chance of winning with her song Growing Up is Getting Old. Victoria’s odds range from as low as 10/1 to odds a bit further at 21/1.

#5 Iceland (5% chance)

Last year’s viral sensation, Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið is currently 5th in the odds, given a 5% chance of winning as well. They’re odds currently stand from as low as 12/1 to as high as 19/1.

#4 Italy (10% chance)

From here, the odds shorten quite significantly for the next 4 artists. In 4th place is Italy’s Måneskin with their song Zitti e Buoni. The bookies have put the rockband’s odds as low as 11/2 and as high as 34/5.

#3 Switzerland (12% chance)

The country sitting in 3rd place in the odds is Switzerland. Gjon’s Tears is currently given a 12% chance of winning with Tout l’Univers. The singer has a very slim range in odds, with their shortest odds being at 11/2.

#2 France (15% chance)

France is currently the 2nd favourite to win the entire contest, with Barbara Pravi being given a 15% chance of winning with Voilà. She has been given really high odds as short as 9/2. 

#1 Malta (20% chance)

Malta, according to the bookies, is the country to beat, with Destiny being given a 20% chance of winning with her song Je Me Casse. Her odds are very slim, with many bookmakers putting her odds at around 11/4.

The rest of the odds can be checked on the Eurovision World website.

Anything can change after the first rehearsals

Of course, these odds have not taken into account the performance that the viewers will be seeing in a couple of weeks, so during rehearsals, expect quite a few significant changes to the odds.

The performance can definitely make or break a song and we have definitely seen underdogs in the odds come from nowhere and climb the odds during rehearsals week. An example of this was Eleni Foureira with Fuego back in 2018. Before rehearsals, she was 18th in the odds. After her first rehearsal, she shot up to 9th in the odds and her momentum kept on going throughout the week, becoming the bookies favourite on the night of the 1st semi final.

Watch this space everyone, as everything could change from here!

What do you think of these odds? Tell us in the comments below!


Video sources taken from the Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovoxx Youtube channels.

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