Ed Sheeran would try Eurovison but…”England has to be loved by Europe again”

July 1, 2021



In an interview to Dutch radio and television presenter Humberto Tan, Ed Sheeran claimed to be a follower of the Eurovision Song Contest: “Eurovision is my favorite thing to see every year. I love it.” The British singer also says he is tempted to participate in the competition: “I get drunk every year when I see it and send a message to my manager saying ‘I’m going to participate one year'”. However, Ed Sheeran’s manager does not support the idea, and the singer himself would only participate under one condition: “If I did, it would have to be with one condition: England has to be loved by Europe again and I don’t know if that will happen”.

The Eurovision 2021 Festival was also covered in the interview, with Ed Sheeran revealed to be a big fan of the German song. Italy and Iceland figured equally in the artist’s preferences: “I think Italy had the best song and performance of the night, but I also loved Iceland. I think the Italians were…that was really, really good.”

We are pretty sure we have some eurovoxers out there wishing this to come true! Raise your voices on this one!

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