Dutch newspaper launches campaign to find woman who inspired song by The Black Mamba

May 13, 2021


As we know, The Black Mamba revealed that the theme “Love Is On My Side” was inspired by a story of an Amsterdam prostitute. “We wrote this song with the hope that we would be in this position and that she could hear the song because we don’t have contact with her, we don’t even remember her name. And this is her story, it’s a super sad story, since she left the eastern countries, full of dreams, full of passions and then problems with drug addiction, drug addiction that later led her to prostitution “, Tatanka mentioned.

This week, the Dutch newspaper Het Parool decided to launch a campaign to find the woman who inspired The Black Mamba. “The Amsterdam prostitute is sought after about whom Portugal sings at the Eurovision Song Contest”, writes the newspaper in the publication’s title.

“They have no idea of her name, but an unknown prostitute from Amsterdam is the source of inspiration for the Portuguese song at the Eurovision Festival”, recalls the newspaper, revealing that the band met “the lady at the Bulldog hotel in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. “in 2018.

And what if they manage to find her? Share your thoughts with us about what you think could happen!

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