Daði records the music video for Eurovision 2021 entry

February 14, 2021



On the 14th of February, Daði Freyr posted on Twitter, saying that he just started shooting a music video for the Icelandic Eurovision 2021 entry. On the Valentine’s day, it is also the anniversary of the music video of Freyr’s Think About Things, which was chosen to represent Iceland in the cancelled Eurovision 2020. During that year this unconventional video was watched more than 24 million times, commented almost 16 thousand times and it received 435 thousand thumbs up.

The 2021 song is going to be announced on the 13th of March during the show about the music trends in Iceland, called Straumar on RÚV (Icelandic TV Broadcaster). That episode will focus on the 65-year history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Iceland was present in the contest during the last 35 of them, however no entry was able to win. Odds show, that this situation could have changed last year. Even Jennifer Garner, American actress, posted on her social media a video of her dancing to “Think About Things”, while doing laundry.

Daði og Gagnamagnið with the song, which will be chosen internally the first time since 2005, will compete in the first half of the second semi final on the 20th of May in Rotterdam.

Are you a fan of Iceland in Eurovision? What kind of song would you like to hear from Daði og Gagnamagnið this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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