Covered in paper: Rosa Linn from Armenia completes her first rehearsal

May 1, 2022


It's a wrap: Armenia's Rosa Linn is the last artist on the Eurovision stage today and closes the rehearsals of day two!

Not only Rosa Linn’s outfit, but the whole stage is kept in white for the performance of “SNAP”. Though not only the colour is remarkable, Armenia’s staging is unique and stands out because of…paper! Everything on stage from the walls of the house to the bed is covered in paper and let Rosa create her own little world on stage. This staging idea gives a very dreamy and intimate insight and lets the viewers being part of the song and story.

You can find some images of the first rehearsal here:


Check out what our Eurovoxx team live in Turin thinks about the rehearsal:

What do you think about the first rehearsal of SNAP? Let us know in the comments!

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