Countries can choose between 2nd rehearsal and Live-on-Tape performance in case they cannot perform live at Eurovision 2021

May 16, 2021


Sietse Bakker has confirmed the options for countries who cannot perform

We all know that this Eurovision edition will be different than the others. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EBU have created several scenarios in case of Covid-19 cases within the Eurovision bubble. Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, has now specified the scneario: Considering that all 38 attending acts have rehearsed twice on the stage in Rotterdam, the delegations now have two options in case their act cannot perform because of a Covid-19 infection, an ordered quarantine or any other incidence: They can either choose the Live-On-Tape performance every country had to record in March as a backup or they can choose the third and last performance of the 2nd rehearsals. Considering the effort every delegation had done to come to Rotterdam, it is reasonable to get a benefit out of it. Obviously we all hope this might just be a theoretical scenario. However, it shows that this option might need to be taken by countries.

Covid-19 case within the Polish delegation

Rafał, the representative for Poland in this year’s contest, is currently in quarantine because of a Covid-19 case in his delegation. He has been tested negative the whole time in Rotterdam and attended both rehearsals. The whole delegation is currently doing a PCR-test which has a higher reliability. Therefore, it might be necessary for Poland to choose between the 2nd rehearsal performance and the Live-On-Tape one. Either way, Rafał will therefore be able to compete in the 2nd semifinal on May 20th with the song The Ride.

Australia will use the Live-On-Tape recording

As stated previously, 38 delegations have made it to Rotterdam. Since we have 39 competing countries, Australia will fight for the victory without being in Rotterdam. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the strict rules by the Australian government, SBS has decided to use the Live-On-Tape recorded in Sydney. Montaigne will compete in the first semifinal with the song Technicolour on May 18. 

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Image Sources: EBU & YouTube

Source: ESC Daily

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