Cheryl Baker hopes to reunite Bucks Fizz ahead of Eurovision 2023

August 3, 2022


Cheryl Baker, member of British group Bucks Fizz who brought the United Kingdom their fourth Eurovision win in 1981, is keen for a reunion ahead of the United Kingdom hosting Eurovision 2023.

Speaking to The Mirror, Cheryl Baker says that the group had tried to organise a reunion with all four original members last year for their 40th anniversary, but things didn’t quite go to plan. Cheryl now hopes that Eurovision could bring them together… again!

“It was our 40th anniversary last year, and we did ask Bobby G if he’d like to come back just for one gig – but he said no. Perhaps for next year for Eurovision he would reconsider. “I’d love that to happen. There’s been a lot of messy water that’s gone under the bridge, but we have a big history together. I think it would be really nice to get together for that big occasion.”

Whilst re-uniting all four members of Bucks Fizz seems a bit uncertain at this point in time, one thing that is certain is Cheryl’s praises for Sam Ryder. The singer went on to express her pride in everything that Sam has managed to achieve for the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2022.

“What’s happened this year is that Sam Ryder has instilled a new enthusiasm. The UK was becoming blasé and a bit tongue in cheek, with some questioning if we really want it, or should we pull out. But he did amazingly – and suddenly it’s coming to the UK next year, and it’s a hot topic. He did a world of good…

…He’s turned it around to not only being credible, but everyone is excited about it again. I think he could represent the UK again and win it. He’s a smiley man and he’s never been ashamed to say he loves Eurovision and he’s turned it around to a fun event that everyone should enjoy.”

Who are Bucks Fizz?

Bucks Fizz, consisting of Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan, were a British group that were especially put together for the United Kingdom’s national final for Eurovision 1981. 

They not only won the national final, but went on to win Eurovision. Their entry “Making Your Mind Up” went to number one in the United Kingdom, and soon became a hit across Europe.

In the years that followed, Bucks Fizz cemented themselves as one of the United Kingdom’s most popualr groups, with a string of top 20 albums and singles to their name, including “The Land of Make Believe” and “The Camera Never Lies” among others.

Over the years, the group has seen many line-up changes, with members coming and going throughout the groups career (16 in total!) 

As of today, Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan perform together under the name “The Fizz” whilst Bobby G, as the owner of the legal rights to use the name, performs as “Bucks Fizz”.

Would you like to see a Bucks Fizz reunion in 2023? Do you think Cheryl Baker will be successful in re-uniting the group? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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