Bulgaria announces JESC representative next Monday!

November 5, 2021



The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is almost here! This year, the contest will be hold place in Paris, France and 19 countries will participate. Among them, Bulgaria! As we are waiting for the final countries to announce their representative, Bulgaria has decided to announce theirs this Monday November 8th. 

The representative will be announced this Monday by BNT, Dobrich Municipality en Ligna Studios. Not only will they reveal their representative, but they will also announce the team working on the song. The news was confirmed on BNT Eurovision Bulgaria’s Twitteraccount in a tweet saying “This Monday, November 8, 2021, BNT, Dobrich Municipality and Ligna Studios will present the Bulgarian representatives of the children’s song contest at Eurovision, as well as the team working on the song.” 

What other countries are participating in the Junior Eurovision?

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest stage in paris will see 19 representatives. Here is a list of all participating countries and their songs:

  • Albania will be represented by Anna Gjebrea. Her song is to be announced later.
  • Armenia is yet to announce their singer and song.
  • Azerbaijan is to be represented by Sona Azizova and they will reveal the song later.
  • Enzo will take the stage for France with his song Tic Tac.
  • The Georgian representative is yet to be announced.
  • Germany will be represented by Pauline with her song Imagine Us.
  • Maiú Levi Lawlor will take the stage for Ireland with a song that is to be announced later.
  • The Italian representative and song will be revealed later.
  • Kazakhstan has yet to announce their representative.
  • Malta will be represented by Ike and Kaya with their song My Home.
  • The Netherlands will be represented by Ayana with her song Mata Sugu Aō Ne.
  • Dajte Muzika will take the stage for North Macedonia.
  • Sara James will perform her song Somebody on the Junior Eurovision stage for Poland.
  • For Portugal, Simão Oliveira will perform his song O Rapaz.
  • Tanya Mezhentseva will perform on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Russia with her song Mon Ami.
  • Jovanna and Dunja will take the stage for Serbia with their song Children’s Eyes. Find out how our own Jess reacted to the song in the video below!
  • Levi Díaz will perform his song Reír for Spain.
  • Ukraine will be represented by Olena Usenko on this years Junior Eurovision, with her song Vazhil.


And from this monday on, we can add the Bulgarian representative to the list! 

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Are you excited to find out who will take the Junior Eurovision stage for Bulgaria this year? Or do you have any suggestions for who it might be? Let us know in the comments below!

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