Blas Cantó is back with his first song after Eurovision, “Americana” featuring Echosmith

August 1, 2021


Blas Cantó, who represented Spain in The Eurovision Song Contest 2021, has just released his first song after Eurovision featuring the Californian band Echosmith, as he let us know on his social media a couple of days ago.

After “Voy a quedarme” Blas Cantó is back with a new pop ballad song called “Americana”, produced by Pink Slip and Iverness, which is based on the traditional plot of American romantic films. Where in the official video, directed by Román Reyes, we are able to enjoy and feel in first person the aesthetic and the different scenarios that characterizes this type of films such as the bowling alley, the classic road bar with smoothies, the leather and baseball jacket and the American football players.

About the lyrics of “Americana”:

The lyrics, written by Jeffery David, Leroy Sanchez and the vocalist of Echosmith Sydney Sierota, talk about the love between a couple that feels like they are in an American Romantic film.

In this version of “Americana” the lyrics are sung in Spanish and English, which Sydney Sierota has also sung the chorus in Spanish:

“Solo contigo quiero bailar, me tienes loco, me tienes mal; este amor es como una película americana. Solo contigo quiero bailar, sobre la luna, bajo el mar, este amor es como una película americana, Americana, yeah”

In English, this is translated to:

“Only with you I want to dance, you have me crazy, you have me bad; this love is like an American movie. Only with you I want to dance, on the moon, under the sea, this love is like an American movie, Americana, yeah”

Blas Cantó does also have a solo version of “Americana”, which is also available in his YouTube Channel as a lyric video.

Blas Cantó after Eurovision 2021:

Even though, he ended in 24th position out of 26 participating countries in Eurovision 2021, he did receive a lot of love from his Spanish fans after his emotional performance, who were already ready to listen to his new music.

With this new release, we are able to see a new Blas Cantó excited to launch new music and to be able to perform them to his fans. Also, his excitement about this new release is noticeable because he has changed his name in Twitter to Americana.

What do you think about Blas Cantó’s new song? Are you ready to listen to his future songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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