Benny Cristo entry will be released on February 16th!

February 11, 2021


The Czech contestant announced the release of his song for February 16th.

While we are only 100 days away from Eurovision 2021, Benny Cristo took the opportunity to make an announcement awaited by the fans. In just 5 days, on February 16, the Czech candidate will reveal his song.

He made the announcement on Eurovision’s Instagram account as part of a special day celebrating the 100 days before the competition.

The candidate for the 2020 edition who was to represent his country with the song Kemama, however, did not reveal the name of his new song. The surprise will therefore be unveiled on the day of the publication of the song, accompanied by a music video.
We know that the song was produced by Filip Vlček (who will be present alongside Benny Cristo) and that the song will be in English with a few lines in Czech. Benny Cristo explained that his song would be different from last year. It is a new challenge for him. 

Are you excited about Benny’s new song? Did you like Kemama? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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