Belarusian media reports that ZENA has submitted a song to the Eurovision 2021 selection

February 23, 2021


Belarusian media has been reporting that Eurovision 2019 representative ZENA has submitted a song for the 2021 song selection. The submission deadline was January 31st, and broadcaster BTRC are yet to reveal a list of artists and songs that have been shortlisted.

Speaking to Belarusian news outlet, PR manager Sergey Andrianov said that a similar selection process to what was used for Belarus’ entry for the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest might be a possibility. This was the first time Belarus used an internal selection since selecting Anastasia Vinnikova with I Love Belarus in 2011.

Only a few singers who have submitted songs have come forward, including Elena ZheludOK and Russian singer KAZKA. Rumoured artists alongside ZENA include CHAKRAS, Alyona Gorbachova and Vitaly Voronko.

Former UK representative at Eurovision Daz Sampson revealed to The Euro Trip Podcast that he also sent in a song to the Belarusian selection, with Katya Ocean.

Who is ZENA?

Zinaida Kupriyanovich, better known as ZENA, is a Belarusian singer, actress and television presenter from Minsk, Belarus.

ZENA represented Belarus at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Like It, placing 24th in the final. She also hosted the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Minsk, and voiced the Russian dub for Moana in 2016.

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