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Basel’s Official Bid to Host Eurovision Song Contest 2025

July 4, 2024


Basel has detailed his official bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2025, beside Zurich, Geneva, and Bern-Biel in the race to host this prestigious event. Known for its vibrant cultural scene and strategic location, Basel presents a compelling case for becoming the next Eurovision host city.

Cultural Vibrancy and Inclusivity

Basel is celebrated for its lively nightlife and thriving LGBTQ+ community, making it a welcoming and inclusive location for Eurovision fans. The city’s rich cultural heritage and its reputation for hosting major musical events further enhance its appeal. Basel is also known for its vibrant musical scene, regularly hosting significant performances and festivals, which align perfectly with the spirit of Eurovision.

Strategic Location

Positioned at the tripoint of Switzerland, Germany, and France, Basel offers excellent accessibility for international visitors. This unique geographical position allows for a multicultural experience that aligns perfectly with Eurovision’s ethos of unity and diversity. The city’s well-developed transport infrastructure, including its international airport, ensures that it can handle the significant influx of visitors expected during the event.

Euroclub and Eurovision Village

Messe Basel, a large and versatile convention center, is proposed as the venue for the Euroclub, where various events and parties will take place throughout the Eurovision week. The Eurovision Village, planned to be set up in the St. Jakob Park (Joggeli Stadium Park), will serve as the public viewing area, offering fans a place to gather, celebrate, and watch the live broadcasts.

Source: Art-Basel, Basel Messe is the proposed location for the Euroclub

Venues and Infrastructure

The bid highlights two main venues: the St. Jakobshalle and the St. Jakob Park stadium. The St. Jakobshalle, with a capacity of 13,500, would require temporary ceiling reinforcements to host the event. Alternatively, if the St. Jakob Park stadium is chosen, it could accommodate up to 40,000 people with the addition of a temporary roof. This flexibility in venue options showcases Basel’s readiness to meet the event’s requirements.

Source: St. Jakobshalle, Kenneth Nars / BLZ
Source: St. Jakob Park stadium , FC Basel, Official website

Political and Financial Support

The bid from Basel is bolstered by strong political commitment and financial backing. The city has allocated significant resources to ensure that all necessary preparations are made to host the event successfully. The estimated investment is between 20 and 30 million CHF, reflecting the city’s commitment to delivering a top-notch event.

Previous Experience and Strategic Advantages

Basel’s experience in hosting international events, such as the OSCE Ministerial Council Conference in 2014, UEFA EURO 2008, and the globally renowned Art Basel, demonstrates its capability to manage large-scale events. Art Basel, an annual contemporary art fair, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world and showcases the city’s ability to handle significant international events. The city’s robust hotel and event infrastructure further strengthen its bid, ensuring a seamless experience for both participants and visitors.

Bid Presentation Video

As part of its bid, Basel submitted an engaging video presentation with the slogan “Crossing Borders,” highlighting the city’s cultural vibrancy, logistical capabilities, and enthusiastic local support for hosting Eurovision. The video showcases Basel’s readiness and excitement to welcome Eurovision fans from all over the world, emphasizing its strategic location and cultural diversity.

Host City Selection Process

Following Nemo’s victory in Malmö, Switzerland was tasked with hosting Eurovision 2025. The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) sent out detailed application dossiers to interested cities. The bidding process is now in its final phase, with Basel, Zurich, Geneva, and a joint bid from Bern-Biel competing to host the event. The final decision is expected by the end of August, based on an evaluation by a steering committee supported by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to ensure objectivity.

Do you believe Basel’s vibrant cultural scene and strategic location make it the ideal host for Eurovision 2025? Share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments below!

Source: BaZ Online.

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