Barbara Pravi gives more details on her performance

February 24, 2021



The French representative for Eurovision 2021 has revealed some details about her future performance. After a well remarked and appreciate performance during the French final, many wondered if she would change her staging for Rotterdam.

In an interview with French radio RTL the French artist gave the first answers. Surprisingly, the French singer confides that she did not try to adapt her performance for Eurovision. Instead, she wants to be “the fairest and most sincere”, which means she is going to keep her personal approach. Giving more details, she reveals for example that she will wear a black outfit. 

I was offered to wear white, I said no. Because for me, the color of “Voilà”, the color of humility, is black.

Commenting on her song, which is so far very different from the others unveiled for the Rotterdam contest, she fully assumes. “It’s a little bold to propose Voilà. At the Eurovision, we are used to seeing things with lots of glitter and entertainments. But I will not change anything to do this show!”.

Barbara Pravi thus confirms that she intends to keep the same staging as during the French final: “The performance I’m going to do in Rotterdam will be the same (as in the selections), but I hope it will be even better.”

The foreign delegations are thus warned, the strategy of France is unveiled, it remains to wait and see the reactions of the audience.

Have you seen Barbara’s performance in the show Eurovision – C’est vous qui décidez? What do you think about it? Should she change her approach? Let us know in the comments!

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