Aye! Hadise releases new single ‘Hay Hay’!

June 30, 2021



Hadise, who represented Turkey 2009 with the uptempo song ‘Dum Tek Tek’, just released a new song with the title ‘Hay Hay’ (By all means).

In the song, which tells the story of the separation of a woman who gets up again and continues on her way, even though she feels defeated after every ending, Hadise uses the words “There is no such pain, if there is, give me the medicine and I will be silent“. Hay Hay has received great acclaim in a short time from the moment it was first released, it received millions of likes and is currently trending in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Hadise says about the song:

”The story of all the women who spend their lives fighting and struggling… The story of women who walk without getting tired, who stand up with their own power even if they fall to the ground, only to be defeated by themselves […]. Everyone should never stop writing their own story, continuing to live with their pain and happiness.”


The music video starts with Hadise, who is laying motionless on the top of a broken car. This scene is dedicated to the story of “Evelyn Francis Mchale”, known as the ‘most beautiful suicide’, who ended her life in 1947 and went down in history with this ending.

The jewels Hadise used in the clip also have symbolic meanings: The rings used with the trench coat are inspired by the mighty fist of a woman who never gives up. Pomellato jewelry reminds that broken dreams can be embraced sooner or later and that it is always possible to dream again.

Here you can listen to the song and watch the music video of ‘Hay Hay‘:

The Turkish-Belgian singer Hadise has participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song ‘Dum Tek Tek’, where she ended up on 4th place with 177 points. Her entry remains as one of the most listened Turkish Eurovision entries with over 60 million views.

Turkey at Eurovision

Turkey has had a long history in the Eurovision Song Contest, first taking part in 1975 with Semiha Yankı’s Seninle Bir Dakika, which came in 19th (last) place with 3 points. Turkey’s best result came in 2003 where Sertab Erener won the contest with Everyway That I Can with 167 points. Their last performance in Eurovision was in 2012 where Can Bonomo performed Love Me Back in Baku, Azerbaijan. He came in 7th place with 112 points before the country withdrew from the contest in 2013.

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