Arcade becomes most streamed Eurovision winning song as it re-enters UK charts

January 13, 2021


Duncan Laurence’s winning entry from Eurovision 2019, Arcade, has reached another milestone today as it becomes the most streamed Eurovision winner on Spotify, with 162 million streams. At the same time, it also re-enters the UK singles chart.

After winning Eurovision back in May 2019, Arcade entered the UK singles chart at number 67, and remained there for one week before slipping out of the charts. Today, it has re-entered at number 90. But why has this song suddenly made an appearance in the charts again? Could TikTok provide the answer? The song became something of a viral hit on TikTok back in October 2020, with fans using the song in their Harry Potter themed “Dracotok” videos, as well as in their “Guess My Degree” videos, adding up to an impressive 182,500 videos. The official music video for Arcade has also racked up an impressive 25 million views on YouTube.

Whilst Arcade remains the most steamed Eurovision winner on Spotify, it is not the most streamed Eurovision song. This accolade goes to Soldi by Mahmood, which has been streamed 171 times. 

Are you happy to see Duncan Laurence back in the UK charts? Do you think we will see any more Eurovision songs re-entering the charts? Let us know in the comments below!

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