April Darby would like to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision

July 22, 2023



April Darby has expressed her interest in representing The Netherlands at Eurovision.

Dutch-American singer and actress April Darby has said that she would like to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision.

Speaking on the NPO Radio 1 program Langs de Lijn en Omstreken on Tuesday evening, the singer has said that she will submit a song for Eurovision 2024.

“Do I still have dreams? Of course. One that is now very prominent is the Eurovision Song Contest. I would really like to go there.”

In contrast, rising star Claude has said he is not ready for Eurovision now, but doesn’t rule it out in the future: I have seen that question come up a lot. The answer is: I don’t know yet, maybe one day. First I have to build up my career quietly. It will come.” The 20 year old recently shot to fame last year with his song “Ladada (Mon Dernier Mot)” that topped the Dutch charts,

Who is April Darby?

Born in Minnesota USA in 1991, April is a Dutch-American singer and actress. As a child, April could be found regularly modelling for television adverts and fashion chains in The Netherlands. She also took part in Kids On Tour and The Junior Academy of The Musical Ensemble.

April graduated as a musical artist from the Dutch Academy of Performing Arts (DAPA) in 2012, and completed her studies by playing the role of Sukie Rougemont in The Witches of Eastwick alongside Eurovision 2001 representative Linda Wagenmakers.

Since graduating, April has appeared in numerous theatre productions, including The Bodyguard (playing Rachel Marron), and working as an understudy for the role of Deloris van Cartier in Sister Act.

In 2018, she self-released her first EP, before participating in The Voice of Holland in 2019, where she made it as far as the first live show. Later that year, she went on to become the voice of Nala in the 2019 film version of The Lion King.

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