Andrew Lambrou brings the fire and the rain to his first rehearsal

May 1, 2023


Andrew Lambrou has given us a very powerful rendition of "Break A Broken Heart" for his first rehearsal.

He can’t break a broken heart, but he can deliver a solid Eurovision performance! That’s right, it’s a wrap on Andrew Lambrou’s first rehearsal.

@eurovision Red lights, flashes, Andrew Lambrou rises out of the ashes ☄️🇨🇾 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Andrew Lambrou ♬ original sound - Eurovision

Andrew, dressed all in black, is alone on stage for the entirety of his performance, and is accompanied by a mix of firery red/orange tones and blue/grey stormy tones on the backdrop, creating a great contrast.

Andrew sells the song very well on stage as he delivers a very confident looking performance, complete with great live vocals to match.

And that’s a wrap on the second day of first rehearsals! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow as we continue on with the first rehearsals for Eurovision 2023!

Have you seen the clip of Andrew Lambrou’s first rehearsal yet? What are your thoughts on his staging? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennet / EBU

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