Aminata and Markus Riva among Latvia’s Supernova 2022 participants!

January 5, 2022


Latvian broadcaster LTV has announced 16 acts participating in Supernova 2022, all hoping to become the successor of Samanta Tina, who finished last with her song ‘The moon is rising’ in Rotterdam. The semi-final will be held on February 5th, with the final being on February 12!

Supernova 2022 participants

Bermudu Divstūris – BAD
Markus Riva – If You’re Gonna Love Me
Aminata – I’m Letting You Go
BUJANS – He, She, You & Me
Citi Zēni – Eat Your Salad
Inspo – A Happy Place
Miks Dukurs – First Love
Beatrise Heislere – On The Way Home
the COCO’NUTS – In and Out of the Dark
KATŌ- Promises
Elīna Gluzunova – Es pabiju tur
Mēs Jūs Mīlam – Rich Itch
Linda Rušeniece – Pay My Own Bills
RAUM – Plans
Zelma – How
Patriks Peterson – Can’t Get You Outta My Head

But that's not all!

LTV have also announced a wildcard competition for the 17th spot in the line-up! Starting January 10th, everyone will be able to vote for their favourite song that juries ranked between 17th and 27th. the most popular song will join the competition at the semi-final stage. 

Latvia at Eurovision

Since debuting in the 2000 contest, Latvia has never missed a contest. In 2002 Marie N won the contest with her song I Wanna. Marie N brought the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest to Riga, Latvia. Latvia’s best place besides the win in 2002, was on their debut in 2000 with Brainstorm’s My Star. Some of Latvia’s other memorable entries include Wolves Of The Sea (2008), Beautiful song (2012), Love Injected (2015) and Heartbeat (2016). Samanta Tina was chosen as Latvia’s representative for Eurovision 2020, before the contest got cancelled. Samanta Tina brought her song ‘The moon is rising’ to Rotterdam where she finished in the last place.

Photo: LTV

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