All the glitz and glam! Head Stylist for Eurovision 2021 talks costumes for the contest

January 19, 2021


As soon as you hear ‘Eurovision’ and ‘costumes’ you’ll more than likely instantly think of two things – glitz and glamour! 

The head stylist for the 2021 contest set to be held in Rotterdam this May, Diek Pothoven, has spoken on a Dutch radio program Never Sleep Again about his vision for the 65th edition of the song contest. Pothoven said in the interview that he wants “presenters, performers and dancers in high-end modern dresses, rather than traditional princess dresses.” – which means we could be seeing a more vogue-esque style manifesting in the people on stage, creating a sleeker looking image.

"What we are going to do will be something completely different. It will hopefully be something surprising that people will talk about for a long time to come."

Diek Pothoven

Pothoven is not only a fashion designer making clothes, he has also directed major fashion campaigns and shows. He is enthusiastic about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, stating  “It’s in full swing, we’re working on a beautiful show. Since October, we have been working on all the preparations.” In total, Pothoven is responsible for more than 300 looks and designs by presenters, artists and dancers. “We take all the looks and passes with choreographers and directors, which we are designing for the artists and dancers.”

When asked if there would be a second cancellation of the contest due to the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Pothoven vehemently denied this. Phew!


"Everyone is tested every other day and will soon be allowed to dance against each other on stage. The scenario will be outlined in February. We focus on the stage that we have in mind is going to happen."

Diek Pothoven

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