Albina’s new single “La La Love”, coming up next Friday

July 26, 2021


Albina Grčić, who represented Croatia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, announced her new single “La La Love” on Instagram. She wrote ’30 .07 ‘in the post, and her fans can’t seem to wait until the end of July.

The photo shows Albina in a sea edition sitting on an elevated chair. She is wearing a seashell-shaped bra, a bell-shaped pink hat and pink trousers patterned with starfish. She paired everything with bright pink crocs.

Although Crocs slippers are often the target of those who like to be called aesthetes, Albina’s fans had no objections to her fashion expression, moreover, they are full of praise.

– Who comes and punches crocs like this? – someone wrote and added an emoticon with hearts in their eyes, and Albina answered with an emojy that sends a kiss.

– ‘Fashion icon!’, ‘Watch the crocs!’; ‘Where did you buy the crocs?’; “Crocs the strongest,” someone wrote to her.

Most fans predict the song will “burn,” and many have said they can’t wait for Friday.

– ‘The best’; ‘Beautiful’; ‘Lipa si’; ‘World, and ours’ – are some of the comments.

What about you? Excited to see what is coming this Friday? Share your “La La Love” about Albina with us!


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