Afrojack, Glennis Grace and Wulf to perform at the Eurovision 2021 grand final

April 5, 2021


"The act is called 'Music Binds Us'. Music connects, especially in these times. Our DJ's used to fly all over the world to connect with their audience which is now different unfortunately. With this act we would like to send energy from Rotterdam to Europe and literally reconnect. Not only with the viewers but also with two unique music styles: The famous Dutch dance music and the sound of the classical orchestra... We want to show the best that The Netherlands has to offer during this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Not only with Afrojack but also with top vocal talents like Wulf and Glennis Grace. Tim Oliehoek is also one of the best directors of The Netherlands in my opinion. It will be interesting to see what he will create with this unique project. The orchestra consists of young talent and has been formed specially for the Grand Final. After this difficult year I hope that during this act all of Europe can forget the bad times for a while.

Gerben Bakker, Head of show for The Eurovision Song Contest have confirmed that Dutch DJ Afrojack, Glennis Grace (The Netherlands 2005) and Wulf will all be performing at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2021. They will be joined by a classical orchestra and the four of them will make up the act “Music Binds Us”.

The performance will be split up into two parts, one with classical music, the other with dance music. Dutch director Tim Oliehoek will be producing a film that will be shown in the first part of the act, where Afrojack and the orchestra will be joined by Wulf, a Dutch singer. In the Ahoy Arena, we will see Afrojack and Glennis Grace on stage together.

The Eurovision 2021 grand final will be the first time that we see Afrojack and Wulf taking to the Eurovision stage. For Glennis Grace however, this will be her second time as she represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 2005 in Kiev with her song “My Impossible Dream”.

Are you excited to see Afrojack, Glennis Grace and Wulf’s performance at Eurovision 2021? What are you expecting from the performance? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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