Will Montaigne make it to Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021?

April 13, 2021


In just a few weeks time, all of the delegations from 39 countries are expected to be travelling to Rotterdam in preparation for this years contest. However for one country, this may not be the case.

Speaking to, Executive Producer Sietse Bakker talks about all of the delegations that will be travelling to Rotterdam for this years contest, and how much of a challenge it may be for some countries, in particular, Australia. Despite the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science granting exemptions to all delegations, things are looking uncertain for Montaigne.

At the moment, Australia’s borders are closed, and have been since March 2020. This means that travelling in and out of the country is very limited and restrcited. However, there is hope for the Australian delegation as the government can make exemptions.

Travelling abroad from Australia at the present time is only achievable if certain criteria is met. The Australian team for Eurovision could travel to Rotterdam for work, or they could travel for something that is “in the national interest” of Australia.

It could in theory be doable for Montaigne and her delegation to travel to Rotterdam following these criteria. However, everyone who has been in The Netherlands will need to self isolate in a hotel for two weeks upon returning to Australia, which will increase the costs of Australia’s Eurovision 2021 journey.

If Montaigne is unable to travel to Rotterdam for the contest, Australia will still be able to take part in the contest as they can use their back-up performance. But despite all that’s going on in the world right now, Montaigne remains 99% sure that the Australian delegation will be in Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021.

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