Will Malta return to a National Final for Eurovision 2022?

June 21, 2021


Since X Factor Malta was confirmed as coming back for a third season later this year, many people were left wondering if the show would once again be used to find Malta’s act for Eurovision 2022. As of today however, Chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency, Jason Micallef, has said that X Factor will not be Malta’s selection method for Eurovision 2022. 

In a Facebook post, Micallef claims that Malta will revert back to a “specially staged festival”, which could be a hint to the return of Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC), or a similar show. However, nothing has been confirmed by the Maltese broadcaster as of yet.

“It is fitting to commend the wise decision of the new management of PBS, that with immediate effect, the representation of Malta in the next edition of Eurovision, will be through a specially staged festival, and not the winner of X Factor Malta. I am convinced that this news will be received with great satisfaction by all Maltese singers, authors and composers.”

As of now, it looks likely that X Factor Malta will continue without the Eurovision connection, at least for 2022 anyway. It has also been revealed that the winner will receive 50,000 Euros, the highest cash prize of any Maltese show.

Malta has traditionally used a national final to select their song and singer for Eurovision ever since their first participation in 1971. The Maltese Selection, which was used from 1971 until 1998 was replaced by Malta Song For Europe in 1999. In 2009 and 2010, Malta chose their Eurovision entry through GO Malta EuroSong, which was then replaced by the iconic Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC) from 2011 until 2018.

In 2019, the popular talent show X Factor came to Malta for the first time, for the sole purpose of choosing their Eurovision act. The debut season was won by Michela, who went on to sing “Chameleon” at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. The second series was won by Junior Eurovision 2015 winner, Destiny. She was due to sing “All Of My Love” at Eurovision 2020 before the contest was cancelled. Destiny was automatically re-selected as Malta’s representative for Eurovision 2021.

Do you think Malta will chose their Eurovision 2022 act through X Factor, or through a national final show? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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