Will Belarus #movetheworld in Poland? Final decision to be made September 7th

| August 1, 2020

The Belorussian broadcaster BTRC have announced that they will make a final decision on Junior Eurovision 2020 participation, as well as their selection method for Junior Eurovision, by September 7th. Despite not having a final decision on participation yet, the broadcaster has already begun to accept submissions, and is making plans for a national final; However, due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, they have confirmed that a number of changes will be made to the way they chose their act.


All entries must be submitted to the broadcaster by August 15th. Once all submissions are in, a focus group will listen to all of the entries and chose 15 songs that will take part in the final. The focus group is expected to have their final 15 by August 24th.

Due to the current situation, the broadcaster is unsure on how to proceed with the national final. They currently have two options: they can have a live televised show, that will take place no later than October 16th, or they can have an internal selection, which will take place no later than September 15th. If they decide to go for an internal selection, a professional jury will decide the winner, should Belarus decide to participate in this years contest.

Last year, Belarus were represented in Junior Eurovision by Liza Misnikova and her song Pepelnyy. She and her dancers finished in 10th place with 92 points. Re-live Jess’ reaction to the song!

Would you like to see Belarus in Junior Eurovision 2020? What is your favourite Belorussian entry in Junior Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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