‘Where You Are’ – Tim Schou’s take on long distance relationships

| August 15, 2020

Long-distance relationship under the corona crisis

Tim Schou, former lead singer of the band A Friend In London, who represented Denmark in Eurovision 2011, has released his new solo single ‘Where You Are’. The song is part of Tim Schou’s project for his debut album, which is scheduled for release in Spring 2021. 

Speaking to Gaffa Denmark, Tim revealed that the lyrics of the song were inspired by the current pandemic and the long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. The song describes the difficulties of being far away from the people you love and the need to accept the restrictions in place due to the current situation in the world.

"I look around the room, everyone is here except for you", that I got a lump in my throat. The feeling of not being able to share big and important moments with the one you love, but at the same time knowing that they are always with you in your heart. It's a wild feeling, and I think the song hits exactly that”
Tim Schou

The setting of the music video couldn’t have been more apt as well. Tim is filmed dancing and singing in the beautiful sand dunes amidst the setting sun on the horizon, giving viewers the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, akin to what the lyrics strives to describe.

Tim Schou and Eurovision

Tim Schou and his friends formed the Danish Band, A Friend in London. They represented Denmark at Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song “A New Tomorrow” and came in 5th place at the final with 134 points. 

What do you think about Tim Schou’s new single? Are you excited for his debut album in 2021? Let us know in the comments below! 

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