What’s Another Year -Hungary unlikely to return ESC 2021

| October 19, 2020

The Hungarian broadcaster MTVA has revealed details about “A Dal” mainly focussing on the with song submissions which will be accepted until 10th of November 2020. This Hungarian music contest has been used as a national selection for Eurovision from 2012 until 2019. However, Hungary decided to keep the music contest without a participation in the ESC in 2020, stating that they would like to focus more on the Hungarian music industry. Even though that the song duration limit is 3 minutes which corresponds to Eurovision, there hasn’t been stated any right to represent Hungary at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. This can be seen as a statement of another non-participation without naming it.

A Dal, which means “The song” in Hungarian, has been a very successful preselection for this Eastern-European country with 7 consecutive qualifications in a row including three Top 10 finishes in 2013 (ByeAlex with Kedvesem), 2014 (Andras Kallay Saunders with Running) & 2017 (Joci Pápai with Origo). Nevertheless, Hungary failed to qualify in 2019 with the song Az én apám by Joci Pápai who represented his country again. 

Hungary in Eurovision

Hungary intended to participated in the 1993 Eurovision, but failed to qualify to the final, but in 1994 Hungary debuted in the contest, and has participated in 17 editions ever since. They have never won the contest, but their best place to date was on the country’s debut in 1994, when Friderika Bayer got 4th place with her song Kinek Mondjam El Vétkeimet?. Some of Hungary’s most memorable entries include Unsubstantial Blues (2007), Running (2014) and Origo (2017).  Hungary withdrew from the contest after the 2019 edition.  

What do you think about these news? Do you think Hungary will rejoin the Eurovision family in the near future? And do you think Victor Urban with his very right wing politics including an anti-LGBTQ* policy plays a role in it? Let us know down in the comments. 

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