“We’re trying to awaken spring in a global sense”: Go_A chat with Andy following rehearsal

May 14, 2021

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As part of our ongoing series of Eurovoxx interviews with the artists of Eurovision 2021, Andy caught up with Ukraine’s Go_A to talk about the ideas behind their entry “Shum”, their experiences in Rotterdam, and more.

Regarding the concept for the staging, bandmember Taras Shevchenko explained the entry presents a journey from the past to the future, combining “ancient Ukrainian mythology with modern cyberpunk and maybe future cyberpunk”. Part of this concept includes what Taras calls “cyber tambourines” played by the dancers onstage, as well as the green dress worn by singer Kateryna Pavlenko to represent the song’s titular forest spirit. It all combines to reflect the intent of the music, which is, according to Taras, “to awaken spring in a global sense”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the members of Go_A revealed what they’re doing with their free time between rehearsals. Ihor Didenchuk, who plays the sopilka (no it’s not a regular flute) on “Shum”, said he might use the time to work on new music, as he brought his laptop and microphone with him to Rotterdam. Taras confirmed, adding that other members brought their own sound equipment too and find inspiration in their Eurovision experience. “Maybe we make a new hit in Eurovision”, suggested Kateryna.

Taras also mentioned that the band will go on a couple of excursions during their time in Rotterdam, which naturally they’re excited for. However, their main focus remains on the contest. “I can say we’re looking forward to those excursions”, said Taras, “but we’re looking forward to the rehearsals and to our performance. So the excursions are like a pleasant bonus for us”.

Go_A experienced a rather unpleasant development in the time since this interview. Kateryna felt unwell on the morning of the band’s second rehearsal, missing it as well as the subsequent press conference as per local safety protocol. Fortunately, she (as well as all other three members) tested negative for COVID-19, meaning she would join them onstage at the first-semi final on Tuesday.

Looking forward to see Kate back stronger than ever? In love with those cyber tambourines? Let us know in the comments below!

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