“We love Eurovision already for years…It’s a dream” – Tommy bring us up a cool chat with Hooverphonic

May 14, 2021



We spoke to Hooverphonic after their first rehearsal! They started by saying that they feel very calm, without any pressure and that the first rehearsal could not have gone better.

What inspires them without a doubt is the cinematographic world. From the sets, to the wardrobe, instrumentality, lyrics, as well as the stage dynamics, it has everything to do with old cinematographic films and soundtracks. Alex said they feel happy because they are being surrounded by a great team, from those who created their clothing, to those who are taking care of the whole stage.

They love Eurovision! They appreciate its musical diversity with all the contrasts. It is always a pleasure for them to watch the event even if they don’t like the majority of the songs. To Alex, Eurovision is growing more and more in the past recent years: “We feel that lately like last 5 or 6 years we have seen that more and more is again about the song. You saw it with Duncan, you saw it with Salvador, you saw it with Blanche.” That gave them the idea that this was the right time to participate after such a long career and after 3 invitations from the Belgian television to participate.

Finally, to keep fans expecting, they left the possibility of making their first TikTok, although they still don’t quite understand the purpose of the Chinese app. If they do, it will be based on a movie, of course, by Alfred Hitchcock.

But are they really going to do it? We will just have to wait and see! Curious?

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