“We are a split camp within the band.” British group Steps at loggerheads over Eurovision participation

June 5, 2022



British pop group Steps are a divided group when it comes to Eurovision...

The pop group Steps, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, have spoken to The Daily Star about Eurovision, and it seems that the group is very much divided on whether they would like to participate or not.

Steps is made up of five members – Claire Richards, Faye Tozer, Ian “H” Watkins, Lee Latchford-Evans and Lisa Scott-Lee. Faye and Lee are dead against the idea of representing the United Kingdom, as the Daily Star reports, whilst Claire, Ian and Lisa are more open to the idea, with Faye remarking: “We are a split camp within the band.”

Faye continues: “H would do it tomorrow. Lisa and Claire would probably want to do it as well. But I am not so much in favour of it.” Lee is very much Team Faye: “It’s a very mixed camp and I agree with Faye.”

It's all politics!

The group members fear that the contest is too political, and there is a worry among them that they would end up with the dreaded “nil points”, especially from Lee: “We’d like to do it for the experience if all the other bits weren’t there – the nil points, the politics.”

Faye and Lee are once again on the same page, with Faye adding: “We’ve got such an amazing legacy behind us, I don’t think it would do us any favours. It’s the whole ‘nil points’ thing.

We've been here before...

Steps reveal to the Daily Star that they have been approached for Eurovision before, but turned it down, as Faye remarks: “We were approached in the early days. But there are specific rules – I don’t think you can release music for a certain period of time or chart. Luckily for me, we never fitted into that category and couldn’t do it.”

But that isn’t the only time that Steps and Eurovision have been mentioned together. As far back as 2020, (and again in 2021), the group have been asked if Eurovision would be something they would be interested in taking part in, but the answer was a resounding no, unfortunatley.

Steps and Eurovision

Back in 2018, the group was put forward by OGAE U.K. as their entry for the OGAE Song Contest 2018 with their 2017 hit “Scared Of The Dark”. They were the convincing winners as OGAE members awarded them 230 points, giving them a 59 point lead over Eleni Foureira in second place.

Later on in October 2020, Steps released a cover version of Jenny Silver’s Melodifestivalen 2011 entry “Something In Your Eyes” from their sixth studio album “What The Future Holds”. The song reached a peak position of 21 on the Official Downloads Chart.

Are you team Faye and Lee, or are you team Claire, Ian and Lisa? Would you like to see Steps at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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