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‘Vidkryvai’ official music video released

| October 13, 2020

The music video for Oleksandr Balabanov’s Junior Eurovision 2020 song, “Vidkryvai” (Open Up) has been officially released by Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC. The video was premiered live on the television programme “Public Studio”, on channel UA:Pershyi.

The music video was filmed in 15 locations around Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, including the Podil District in the centre of the city and the the water storage resevoir. Oleksandr was joined by Augustyna Tiu, who was the leading lady of the video.

Speaking about the filming of the music video, Oleksandr has said: “This is my first professional music video. We filmed all my previous videos on our own. I have so many impressions! The team was amazing, everything was professional and positive! It’s unusual to look at myself from the side. You perceive it as a separate story. I am grateful to Augustyna who became the heroine of the music video for my song. I am thankful to everyone who joined creating the video. It turned out very sincere!”

The head of marketing and advertising for UA:PBC, Serhii Kryvosheia, who worked on the production of the video, had this to say: We wanted the video to present the song and the performer properly. There were several stages, five or six different ideas. In about one week before the shooting we opted for the script that laid the foundation of the music video. It still turned out to be not easy in terms of implementation: we had two long shooting days with more than a dozen of locations, changes of costumes, lighting etc. And now, after the final cut, I can confidently say that the idea has been fully implemented.
Speaking about senses, the song has many of them, even though it may seem simple text-wise. Working on the video idea, I wanted the music video to have some multiple layers as well, to open up (OPEN UP!) the possibilities for different interpretations. At the surface, there is a story of the main hero moving into a new city, discovering this city thanks to a girl with whom they develop friendly (and, maybe, more) relationship. The second layer is provocative. It shows how the song breaks into the subconsciousness of the heroine and wakes her from “coma” (by the way, not necessarily clinical). And, finally, the third layer that was put into the song by its writers is a story of discovering the world, opening up to the world, discovering the city, with beautiful, sincere and smart people. It is a story of sincerity, true human relationships, feeling one another. It is a story that sooner or later COVID (or any other global thing that restricts us and make us close up) will come to an end, the world will open up and will be rediscovered. The world will feel like a talented smart teenager who sees the world with the eyes wide open.”

Have you watched Oleksandr’s music video yet? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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