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Victor Vernicos and his clones take to the stage for their first rehearsal

May 2, 2023


Victor Vernicos has taken to the stage for his first rehearsal at the M&S Bank Arena.

Is one Victor Vernicos not enough? Well don’t worry, as you’ll be seeing a lot more of Victor in his Eurovision 2023 performance.

@eurovision 16 years old and already an absolute KING of the stage 🤩👑🇬🇷 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Victor Vernicos ♬ original sound - Eurovision

Whilst Victor may be alone on stage physically, he is joined by lots of Victor Vernicos clones on the back drop behind him. Despite being alone on stage (and despite his young age), Victor fills the arena with his stage presence as he delivered a confident performance.

The colour scheme for Victor’s performance is very earthy, with lots of brown and orange colours taking over the stage (and his outfit!). This is intercepted with lots of white lighting and smoke on the stage floor.

Stay tuned for more first rehearsals from Poland, Slovenia, Georgia, San Marino, Austraia, Albania, Lithuania and Australia.

Have you seen Victor’s first rehearsal yet? What are your thoughts on the staging for “What They Say”? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

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