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VCIOM reveals Polina Gagarina and Philipp Kirkorov as Russia’s favourite pop singers!

| October 31, 2020

VCIOM (Russian Public Opinion Research Centre) has conducted an annual survey to determine who Russian music lovers consider to be the best pop singers of the year.

According to the research, 12% of respondents crowned 2015’s Polina Gagarina as best female singer of 2020, followed by 1997 entrant Alla Pugacheva. Top ten also includes two Ukrainian Eurovision artists: Svetlana Loboda (2009) in fourth place and Ani Lorak (2008) in seventh.

Polina Gagarina shared that she was pleasantly surprised to see the results on her Instagram. She thanked her fans and said that pleasing them has always been her number one priority.  

Philipp Kirkorov (1995) has gained the title of best Russian male singer for a third consecutive year, with 9% of respondents naming him their favourite. Sergey Lazarev (2016, 2019) and Dima Bilan (2006, 2008) join him in second and fourth places.

Do you agree with the Russian public? Who else would you have liked to see in the top 10? Share your opinions in the comments below!


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