Vasil has a story to tell with new single release

| August 5, 2020

Vasil is back with a brand new single, PriKazna. He dropped the song and accompanying music video on his official YouTube channel today.

PriKazna is Vasil’s follow up single to his Eurovision 2020 hit “YOU”. It is is an upbeat pop-dance song with a little Latin and Balkan flavour thrown into the mix that asks the big question: what is happening to us all right now? The title of the song means story, but in the Macedonian language, it could also be interpreted to mean punishment.

However, the song itself is more of a love song, as Vasil sings “I saw you, I breathed you, and your breath on my skin like the silence of the morning. And from that moment, I made a wish For you to be a part of my story”.

The music video was filmed around Lake Ohrid, and it starts with Vasil emerging out of the water in the darkness, with just the faint murmur of life and light beyond the waters edge. The video evolves to show Vasil dancing in a variety of different places, from the edge of the water to the depths of the forest, whilst seemingly trying to escape the darkness that follows. As he dances around in a modern and contemporary way, he perfectly portrays the madness and confusion that has taken over many peoples lives this year. The ending of the video shows a familiar shirt floating away into the distance…

Have you heard Vasil’s new song yet? What are your thoughts on his song and music video? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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