Various singers come together for the “San Marino United Artists” project

| December 12, 2020

Fourteen singers from San Marino, singing under the name “San Marino United Artists”, have come together for a new Christmas-themed song, “Sogno” (Dream). The song has been written by Miodo (San Marino 2008) frontman, Nico Della Valle.

Sogno, a fairytale transformed into music, is a dreamy song that tells the story of a magical night. With fourteen different voices, singing against a backdrop of a piano and four violins, Sogno transports the listener into a “Dream”.

The music video has been directed by Art Director, Motion Graphic Designer and VFX Artist, Thomas Righi. It tells the story of a young girl, Veronica, who, once awake, leaves her bedroom as she is attracted by all the lights and shadows that have been reflected on her bedroom walls. These lights and shadows go on to be reflected onto various monuments in the historic centre of San Marino, with Veronica following them until she reaches a magical place to express her wishes.

Speaking about the “San Marino United Artists”, MioDio explains: “The song Sogno is the result of a unique project that sees the artists of the oldest Republic in the world for the first time artistically united. It is not a simple one song, but a message of peace and hope that comes from the heart of the small land of San Marino. It is an invitation to stop and listen to yourself to rediscover what we were; a song that takes me/us back in time, when as a child everything was more magical and even the little things had the appearance of wonderful discoveries.”

A total of fourteen artists have come together for this song, including some Eurovision and Junior Eurovision singers: ELU; Sara Jane Ghiotti; Monica Hill; Irol Mc; Roberto Moghe Moretti; Valentina Monetta (Eurovision 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017); Miodo (Eurovision 2008); Piermatto Carattoni; Alessandra Busigani; Francesco Zao Zizzi; Anita Simoncini (Junior Eurovision 2014, Eurovision 2015); Paolo Beccari and Fabrizio Pregnolato.

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