Update: Malta, Poland, Romania test negative, Iceland awaiting results

May 17, 2021

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SHARE NOW have given us an update on the Icelandic and Polish delegations who had a positive COVID-19 case within their delegations. They have also given us an update on the Maltese and Romanian delegations, who have taken PCR tests and are quarantining as they share the same hotel as Iceland and Poland.

“Following the positive COVID-19 test in the Polish delegation on Saturday 15 May all other members of the delegation undertook a PCR test, in accordance with the health and safety protocol of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, and we’re pleased to report that all these PCR tests returned negative results.As a precaution the Polish delegation will remain in quarantine until being retested ahead of dress rehearsals for Semi Final 2, in which Poland perform, on Wednesday.”

“Following a positive COVID-19 test within the Icelandic delegation yesterday (Sunday 16 May), they too have had PCR tests for which we are awaiting the results today and will remain in quarantine. They will also have further testing ahead of the same dress rehearsals in which they are also due to perform. All accredited individuals, including artists, have to test negative for COVID-19 before they can re-join the production.”

“The delegations from Malta and Romania have not tested positive for COVID-19 and are not quarantining but, due to the fact they are staying in the same hotel as Poland and Iceland, did not take part in the Turquoise Carpet event and were also PCR tested as a safety precaution. Both these delegations will be welcomed to the arena today for rehearsals following negative results from the routine test this morning, as is normal procedure.”

All of these decisions have been taken by the organisers of Eurovision, and are based on expert medical advice of the event’s medical team and the Erasmus Medical Centre. We wish all of the delegations lots of good health, and we hope that they will all be able to perform live in the semi finals.

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